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Motorola Solutions Unveils Enhanced Safety and Security Innovations at ISC West

Motorola Solutions, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as MSI, is set to unveil its latest innovations at ISC West, showcasing enhanced capabilities and versatile integrations within its safety and security ecosystem. These advancements aim to safeguard individuals, assets, and locations effectively. Their enterprise security solutions amalgamate various cutting-edge technologies, including live video, AI analytics, touchless access, advanced alarm systems, identity management tools, and radio communications. By leveraging these technologies, personnel can be promptly alerted to potential threats, workflows can be automated, and responses can be expedited during critical situations.

John Kedzierski, the senior vice president of Enterprise Sales at Motorola Solutions, emphasizes the diverse and intricate security challenges that enterprises encounter due to factors such as their scale, operational contexts, and business nature. Motorola Solutions endeavors to address these challenges by developing and interconnecting technologies that detect anomalies, streamline information processing, and facilitate swift decision-making. Their solutions are adaptable, enabling enterprises of various sizes and types to monitor and manage their security operations from any location, around the clock.

At ISC West, Motorola Solutions will introduce new additions to its portfolio of cloud-managed and on-premise solutions, enhancing threat detection capabilities and simplifying security operations for sectors like education, healthcare, sports venues, and other enterprises globally.

Among the innovations showcased will be the Avigilon Alta Intrusion system, which utilizes data from cameras, sensors, and access control solutions to identify physical intrusions accurately. This solution employs AI video analytics and a robust rules engine to minimize false alarms and automatically issue event alerts with accompanying video evidence. The HALO Amplify sensor suite, an extension of the HALO 3C system, will also be featured. It incorporates up to 30 Bluetooth-connected sensors, including panic buttons and environmental sensors, to monitor various parameters and automate workflows.

Additionally, the Avigilon Unity Decision Management System (DMS) offers cloud-based emergency response protocols, allowing security personnel to follow predefined instructions seamlessly. The Pelco Elevate platform introduces advanced AI capabilities for remote camera monitoring and includes features like Visible Firearm Detection, enhancing situational awareness.

Furthermore, Motorola Solutions announces integration between the Avigilon Alta access control software and Mercury Security’s platform, broadening the capabilities of Mercury’s controller solutions and providing access to a wide range of third-party applications.

Interested individuals can explore Motorola Solutions’ contributions to enhancing safety and security across communities, educational institutions, and businesses at ISC West in Las Vegas from April 10-12. Visit booth #14059 to learn more about their solutions, while IPVideo, acquired in December 2023, will be available at booth #17099.

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